You Talk’n to Me?

By Charles T. Jackson

After a very busy year, I was sure that there would be a few weeks lull before I got started on the next Community Theatre show, but much to my surprise, I was asked to build for a local private high school!! Now, I wouldn’t be quitting my full time job with what the job paid, but honestly it was nice just to be asked!! The school was doing the one act plays and needed a few pieces for a one act called “Puberty the Game Show”. The director said she needed two podiums, one pink, one blue, and a dynamic “game show” sign. Feeling confident in my ability to get’r'done at this point, I say, “How bout if the male/female signs are back lit?” There I do again, suggesting something I had never done before.

5 IMG_1934
Of course, being a gentleman, I knocked out the ladies podium first. Which of course a neighborhood urchin was super delighted to give a test run.

5 IMG_1935
And then I did the “men’s” podium. There was a slight delay in the production of these due to the fact that I wasn’t sure which symbol meant male, and which meant female, but after a Facebook pole I felt confident that I would be getting it right.
5 IMG_1933
Next up was the “dynamic” sign. I had no problem coming up with the design, getting it drawn on the wood, and then cut out. Where I started to have a problem was with the painting and lettering. Up to this point my lettering had been pretty large and bold so it wasn’t to bad for an old ADHD’r like me with pretty distinct immediacy issues. This sign would really test my patience with all the taping and shading and lettering all done in the cramped confines of my little garage due to the coldish November weather.
5 IMG_1932
I was very pleased with the visual impact of the three pieces together, sadly the only person I’d see at interact with them is that neighborhood urchin, seen here being very Presidential. Next up…dealing with stable levels in the form of platforms that don’t break the bank, set up and break down easily, and take up very little space when stored waiting for their next opportunity to shine. Thanks for stopping.