The Foundation of our Name!!

By Charles T. Jackson

The whirlwind that was the summer of 2009, included our first re-use of sets from one production to another. After we had struck Annie from the Middle School stage, we stashed it in any place that we could fit it in our house and when we ran out of room there, we asked around our families and friends and stashed some of the flats where we could find room at their houses. I had to keep the stuff I had already built, out of the way to have room to build the stuff I needed to build. It was a mess. One of the summer shows being directed by a college aged member of our Community Theatre group needed a “static interior” set with two doors. I offered up the Annie set and said that since I hadn’t gotten to participate in the setting up of the set initially, I’d take care of setting up as well. Of course my big mouth had gotten me into a situation once again in that I still hadn’t done the standing of the flats so I wasn’t completely sure how I was going to do it. The “jacks” that were used to stand the Annie set were pretty hastily thrown together and did not appear fit for another use, so I decided to make a bunch of them in a way that would be both sturdy, but would possibly stand up to multiple uses, and store neatly. I’ll cover the details of that development in my next post!! But having figured out a possible solution, I decided to give it my best and see what happened. With the help of a couple of the more seasoned veterans of our theatre group, the set for the Summer production of “Magic Time” went up without a hitch. The show was a great success in the small venue chosen, and we were thrilled to have been a part of the process. Very shortly thereafter, at the seat of the County, “Magic Time Stage Craft” was all registered, and official!! I was not able to get any pictures of that set in time for this post, but if any turn up I’ll add them when I get them. Thanks as always for reading.