Luan and Canvas Flats / Custom Shaped Flats

IMG_0661 !Joseph set    16′ x 16′ Hung Backdrop made from three full luan flats, and five shaped flats. Seen with a custom set of six step pointed steps at the front, two 27 in platforms with four sets of three step stairs, and six 4’x8’x48″high platforms with two sets of six step stairs at the sides. Every piece of which is reusable!!!

First Background in Summer 2008

First Background in Summer 2008

This is my first set of four 12′ x 4′ canvas flats for our youth theatre production of “the Wizard of Oz”.


The full size version of the Rabbit’s house on a rolling dolly.


The costume version of the Rabbits house for our Youth Theatre production of “Alice in Wonderland”.


Mushrooms for the Cheshire Cat in “Alice in Wonderland”. 6’h x 8’w.


6 Eustace rounded flats