Possible Post Retirement Career?

By Charles T. Jackson

When the ”Annie Jr”  set hit the stage, it was very well received. In fact almost everyone that knew me, and knew that I was in the latter years of may career, commented that I might have discovered what I could do with my retirement. With just four years left, and enjoying the process the way I had so far, I started to think that those folks might be right!! So it was a bit serendipitous that My wife and I had been funding all of the work that I had done, and in fact owned everything that I had made to date. It occurred to me early in the process that if I turned in all of my receipts for just the “materials” ownership of what those materials ultimately became would be with whomever could prove they’d paid, and as I was not documenting the hours I was putting in, I would not have a leg to stand on. My wife and I decided that in order to maintain proper care and control over set pieces that I make, we would fund the pieces, donate them to all of the programs that we support, store them and reuse them as we saw fit. With having made that decision though, the age old problem that cropped up was, where the heck are we going to store all of this stuff when we’re done with it. That would be a question that would have to be answered at a later date. We were excited at the prospect of starting a small business, but as is the case in a lot of entrepreneurial ventures initially, we didn’t have a clue how to proceed. Winging it seemed to be working so far, so we decided that we’d forge ahead, and see what happened. Two things were certain: I would be able to stay busy with local shows, and I would be needing a larger work space as soon as possible. I suspect that my next submission will cover the strike of the Annie set, and where they went, but I really never know for sure so stay tuned!! Thanks for your interest, and attention!!