Phew!! What a crazy summer!!

by Charles T. Jackson

As you might have guessed from the title of this post, it has been one crazy summer so far. With the graduation of my eldest son, and not one, or two

, but three shows going on at the same time, there’s been precious little time to breath let alone post!! LOL In the last month I prepared sets for “Little Mermaid”, “Avenue Q” and “Urinetown” two of which went into tech the same day, and had to be struck the same day!! Phew!! I still have “Urinetown” on the stage, but Monday morning we’ll have that down and I’ll take some time and throw together the information regarding the new pieces that I made for these awesome productions!! From all of the super helpful feedback that I have gotten, I can tell that you have missed me terribly, and I’ll get started on the new stuff ASAP!! LOL Thanks for stopping by!!