Oops, my bad!!

By Charles T. Jackson

It was bound to happen sooner or later. While discussing the order of the shows that I had already posted about, my wife informed me that I had gotten “Annie” and “Pocahontas” backwards. Of course I was reticent, Ohh yes, I was reticent. So I checked the dates on the photos and VIOLA!! She was right. As usual. With that all straightened out, and dates checked a little more thoroughly, having pulled off a couple of amazingly challenging shows for the youth theatre, the local community theatre director wondered if I could help them out with a couple of props for the summer production of “:Barnum”. She said that she needed a prop piano, and a “tippy House” for a dream sequence.

3 Barnum Rocking House

I spent the better part of two days building and painting the above tippy house, and being unfamiliar with the show, was surprised to find that it spent exactly 28 second per show on the stage involved in the scene it was in!! The prop Piano would be a different story. It spent a full two or three minutes on the stage, but represented my first recycling of materials from other shows.


In it’s pre painted form, you can see that the keyboard, and the level above the keyboard is wood that was re purposed rom the Oz Head background. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, cut up and reuse pieces from a set piece that I worked so hard on, but I needed the space in the garage.

3 Barnum Prop Piano

After adding a couple pieces of moulding, and some paint..VIOLA!! We have a piano!! Initially I left the back just a plain brown, but a later show would call for the usual rear details to be painted on. This piano is not as hard working as our stump, but it’s pretty close.