Hanging Big Art

By Charles T. Jackson

Our next challenge, and when I say challenge, I mean CHAL-LENGE, was to get this 15′ x 15′ Pharaoh Head hung. While I don’t have any pictures of how we “rigged” it to hang, the below listed image is as close as I can remember. Having served as a Volunteer Fireman for 15 years, and in another Public Safety position for 22 years at this point, I was naturally very concerned for the safety aspects of getting this job done. So in the spirit of how I usually design, I went big!! I believe the cables that I rigged for this hanging could be used for pulling a full sized car up into the fly. The hooks that we used at the bottom of the piece were both hooked under, and screwed to the piece, and each of the cables were under at least four or more guides that were also screwed to the back of the piece. All of the separate panels were connected with 1″ x 8″ planks to assure maximum rigidity when moving into place.
Pharaoah Rig
After being rigged, we had to stand it up and walk it to the bar we were putting in on. After we stood it up, I started to panic because it looked so huge!! But once it was secured to the bar, and weighted properly, it worked flawlessly for the run. The above drawing is not to scale, and the lightly highlighted area are where the 1″ x 8″ would have been. I really do wish I had a picture of this after it was rigged. It was truly a thing of beauty. In my next post I’ll get started on my design, build and painting of the set for our Youth Theatre’s production of “Alice in Wonderland Jr.” Thanks for stopping by.