Drama in Theatre!!

By Charles T. Jackson

For the 2009s Summer production, I wanted to get ahead of the game, and with the knowledge that we’d be doing “Annie Jr” I threw together a design for the Youth Theatre directors to look at. They said that they liked it, and they liked the little model that I made as well. I was having quite a bit of fun with the process, and all that I was learning, but I had no idea that trouble was brewing on the horizon. In an early meeting of myself, the directors, and other parents interested in participating in the set building process, the problem reared it’s ugly head. Apparently being the guy that designs and builds the sets is not necessarily the guy who does the set coordination, and as I had relived a “Theatre Dad” that was thrilled to be replaced, I assumed taking on the task singled handedly would a welcomed prospect. NOT the case. There was a set of theatre parents that got very annoyed with being told what to do when they had ideas of their own, and it caused an amazing amount of disturbance in the local theatre force. They ultimately refused to involve themselves any further in the process, due to their perceived “snub” and left me holding the bag completely. Since in my mind I was holding the bag anyway, I was ok. The full ramifications of the set I had designed, and the idea that I had to do it all alone didn’t  really hit me until I started building the 15 flats I had designed into the set!! Six 4′ x 12′, Eight 4′ x 8′, and one 24″ x 8′. All of which I had to build, cover with canvas, prime and paint in my little 10′ x 20′ garage!!! I had officially bitten off more than I could chew. The good news in all of this is, that in the process of making these canvas flats, I figured out what exactly the problem was after trying a few things, and I’ll share them in my next submission!! Thanks for reading.


This is a picture of the flats drying in my neighbor’s yard, and a very worn out me.


Here they are loaded into my garage. They only take up about a foot of space, but I have to get them all out every time I start working, and according to the dates on these images, I’m working outside in March!!